Celery Pond Advocates (CPA) is a 501(c)(3) Michigan nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to preserving the Celery Pond wetland and adjacent floodplain area, and its natural resources.  Our organization works with citizens, government, and private organizations to attain these goals.

We are an all-volunteer group of South Haven residents and area supporters who have come together in response to the pressure of ballooning land development in the past decade, particularly in the location of lands called the Dunkley Redevelopment Area , which are at present, largely designated public lands, along with the private ownership of properties encircling and including parts of the wetland.

We have noted natural resources along with bird and animal habitats in the area surrounding the wetland, and are working to acquire, manage and/or preserve the wetland for future generations to enjoy and be educated by.  We hope to contribute money, time, and expertise to this effort and invite you to join us.

Vitally important are our supporters who continue to give so generously to our organization and its efforts.  We hope to also receive donations of land and place conservation easements on these properties, insuring our natural heritage.

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Board Members:

Carol Niffenegger

Sandra Tyrrell
Vice President & Secretary

Joann Johnson

Jon Jillson
Chris Valentine
Membership Committee