Celery Pond Advocates presented their Master Plan to the South Haven City Council in May 2007.  Council did not approve this plan, but it is still an operating vision for us.  CPA is working to implement the specifics of this Master Plan, with each new area that comes into public discussion at Council meetings.  Please click on images below to enlarge.

CPA Master Plan

Specific Park Plans Within the Master Plan

Specifics of individual Park Plan developments include the areas of Black River Park, Linear Parks A and B1, and a new proposal called Celery Pond Wetland Overlook designed by CPA for donated parkspace.  Click here and scroll down to a grid of pictures for views of specific park areas and public lands still under discussion within the Dunkley Redeveloment area.  

Wetland Overlook Plan

(Directions:  From Phoenix Street and Broadway, head north.  Turn right on Conger, going one block.  Area runs from the corner grassy area down towards the bottom of the hill, with the wetland adjacent.)

The Parks Department recommended the CPA Wetland Overlook Plan in
September 2009.  Phase One includes landscaping, seating, educational signage, a wetland perimeter trail, an overlook platform and a sculpture.  The City approved the first half of Phase One, being installed in 2010-11.  Items pending approval are the sculpture, overlook platform and trail.

Phase Two would seek to install, in partnership with the City, a boardwalk across the wetland.  We hope that with grant monies received, it will eventually connect to the other linear park areas and bike trail. 

Linear Park B1

The City of South Haven put Linear Parks A and B1 into the Parks Department in 2009.  CPA is promoting the ideas of keeping the riverside floodplain land green, and recommends fortifying the existing natural embankment.  The proposed CPA plan (above) joins together Linear Parks A and B1 with adjacent parcels.  These are still open for Council discussion.