Celery Pond Advocates (CPA) is a Michigan nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to preserving the Celery Pond wetland and adjacent floodplain area, and its natural resources. 

We seek to preserve a community shared space that educates the citizens about the natural quality of life supplied by a functional wetland, which purifies water, provides wildlife habitat, and insures spawning areas for fish.

Our organization works with citizens, government, and private organizations to attain these goals.

CPA will work together with city officials and the community to preserve, beautify, and manage as a preserve the public lands in and around Celery Pond.

CPA will educate visitors about the benefits of preserving a wetland, which purifies water and provides habitat for wildlife.

CPA will blend nature, art, and education to inspire walkers, bikers, bird-watchers, kayakers, canoeists, fishermen, and art lovers who are visiting the area.